Getting Rid of Ants from Fruit Trees

For most gardening enthusiasts, their backyard is incomplete without a couple or more of fruit trees. Luckily, the climate in and near Dallas and Fort Worth, TX is ideal for growing a number of different fruit trees, including apple, fig, peach, pear, and plum trees. Just like all other trees, … READ MORE >

Common Tree Pests & Diseases in Dallas & Fort Worth Area

Most people in Fort Worth, TX prefer planting trees in their homes. While trees serve great for landscaping and aesthetic purposes, they require proper maintenance and care to thrive in their surroundings. Trees across the world are prone to diseases and pest infestations. It may not be the lack of … READ MORE >


Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Planting Trees

Planting trees doesn’t seem like a job too tricky and trust us, it’s not. However, there are a number of things that go into ensuring that the tree saplings you plant develop and grow into healthy and sturdy trees that flaunt their complete glory to everyone that happens to look … READ MORE >